Line Dance, Tree Ring Patterns, var. 25

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Line Dance, Tree Ring Patterns, var. 25
31 in
72 in
(79 cm x 183 cm)
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Line Dance: Tree Ring Patterns, var. 25 is an interpretation of a photo taken while walking and observing in the forest. The forest is where I feel most at home and at peace. I love to walk, look, smell, touch, and just be there. I think about all that is happening below my feet, above my head, and everywhere around me. Being in the forest feeds my soul as well as my eyes. This interpretation from a photo of a tree stump is about the passage of time,
the beauty of nature’s creation even after the tree has toppled to the ground, and the many details that we never stop to see. There is always more for me to learn and observe in the forest.
Cotton, flannel, photograph
Digitally manipulated, printed, thread painted