Line Dance, Tree Ring Patterns, var. 15

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Line Dance, Tree Ring Patterns, var. 15
52 in
39 in
(132 cm x 99 cm)
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My on-going interest in the Japanese concept of Wabi-Sabi, finding beauty in things that are imperfect, impermanent, and incomplete is at the core of all of my art work.. I collect wood rings, branches leaves, pods, flowers, grasses and look closely at their structure and shape. Looking at them closely and then enlarging them allows me to see them as sculptural objects. I look at the play of light upon surfaces, and shaping the pieces introduces a new element – light and shadow interacting with the undulating surfaces. The Line Dance: Tree Ring Patterns series is an extension of this exploration of natural objects. Looking at the patterns in the tree rings and then the additional patterns created by overlapping and fragmenting the imagery allows me to see things in new ways.
Digitally printed on cotton from artist photo, batting, commercial backing, thread
Enlarged and manipulated artist photo of tree stump,digitally enhanced, heavily machine stitched.