Huge Flocks of Rising Rooks Forsake Their Food

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Huge Flocks of Rising Rooks Forsake Their Food
39.5 in
27.5 in
0.3 in
(100 cm x 70 cm x 1 cm)
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I made a series of works based on Dryden's translation of Virgil's, "The Georgics", and my quilt was inspired by the rhyming couplet:

'Huge flocks of rising rooks forsake their food
And, crying, seek the shelter of the woods'.

This section of the poem describes an impending storm and the attempts of living creatures to reach safety. My piece depicts the storm, the woods and the rooks panicking in their flight to safety.
Fabric hand painted with acrylic paint - sky, ground and trees; rooks stenciled with Markal paint sticks applied through my own stencils.
Free machine stitched throughout.

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