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Hot Stuff
92.5 in
53 in
49 in
(235 cm x 135 cm x 124 cm)
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Around 10 million years ago, a hot spot under the earth’s mantle caused vertical flows of magma to well up. The resulting plume of thick, mineral-rich lava created the volcanic island which is now my home. These lava tubes are the “hot stuff” I have recreated. Earth and Jupiter’s moon still have active volcanoes, and so may Venus and Mars. Their volcanic activity acts as a window to the ancient interiors of these celestial bodies. On a neighboring island, rivers of fiery lava still ooze down slopes and across the ground, slowly crawling toward the ocean. Standing in the solidified lava fields, I can feel the heat through my shoes.
Cotton, silk, velvet, felt, tulle, nonwoven fabrics, wool, continuous zip, pvc, fiber filling, dye, acrylic and enamel paint, plastic bottles, gold leaf, mica powder, glue, steel wire
Free motion quilted, hand dyed, painted, printed, cut, couched, appliquéd, reverse appliquéd