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55 in
47 in
(140 cm x 119 cm)
Photo Credit
Gary Conaughton
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A friend developed breast cancer and I drew it: the cancer, the worry (mine), the optimism (hers). I drew my dead cats as protector spirits; I drew the raven as a messenger, a warning. I drew the spiky trees and the safety barricade to keep her safe, the cup of tea for comfort, and the candle so she could find her way. I guess the quilt made me feel better; she got better in her own way. This was made when I had started making more quilts, trying to make a certain number a year, so my practice was getting more thoughtful and organized. I had a purpose.
Commercial and hand-dyed cottons, ink
Fused appliqué, machine-stitched, machine-quilted, inked, hand-embroidered

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