Greenways, Blueways and Estuary Bays

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Greenways, Blueways and Estuary Bays
76.75 in
38 in
(195 cm x 97 cm)
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Florida is my back yard. Ever-increasing residential and commercial development endangers Florida’s natural environments. The greatest threat to any animal or plant species is the loss of their natural habitat.

Seventy percent of all terrestrial life uses riparian corridors to move from one land area to another. Riparian zones are areas of vegetation found wherever land and water meet and include riverbanks, streambeds, lakeshores, and floodplains. When we help to keep these areas wild, open, and unpolluted, we allow for the movement, interaction, and survival of aquatic and terrestrial wildlife. With keener awareness, cooperative planning, and greener methods of land management, we can preserve our natural ecosystems and keep Florida green.
Cotton, polyester
Fused, raw edge appliquéd, machine stitched, machine quilted