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8.5 in
29 in
65 in
(22 cm x 74 cm x 165 cm)
Photo Credit
Paul Takeuchi
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On April 25, 2014, a disastrous decision was made by city officials to save money by switching the city of Flint’s water supply from the Detroit River to the polluted Flint River. They assured the public that the water was safe.

By the time the EPA stepped in, the number of children under six who had been exposed to lead numbered almost 8,000. The effects of lead in the body are massive and devastating.

The central portion of my project is painted lead and has a pipe going through it. The rope is FLINT; it is LEAD; it is also a BRAIN. The red and yellow painted on the rope is the color that shows up in an MRI of a lead-damaged brain. The story of Flint is printed on the fabric.
Rope, polymer, lead paint, metal pipe, cotton, painted, printed, twisted