Earth Quilt 116: Lines XXVI

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Earth Quilt 116: Lines XXVI
41 in
41 in
(104 cm x 104 cm)
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I view each of my quilts as a challenge that satisfies my hunger for beauty, color, form and texture. Being a native from the Netherlands, they reflect my Dutch heritage crossing boundaries through innovative use of traditional American patchwork. Inspiration from the work of Dutch painters, like Piet Mondriaan and Vincent van Gogh combined with the color and texture of flowers reminiscent of Holland, can be experienced in the "Homage to Mondriaan", the "Piece for Peace", the "Celebration of Life", the "Lines", the "Fields of Color" and the "Full Circle" series. After living in the Sonoran Desert for many years, the colors and visual textures of Arizona and the almost "Classic European" heritage of Modernism as found in the Style, blend together in the "Southwest" and the "Reflections" series.
100 % cotton fabrics handmade by Jennifer Priestley, Jack Bishop and Peggy Matthew, Dream Cotton batting.
Machine pieced and machine quilted.