Between Make-Believe and Memory

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Between Make-Believe and Memory
39 in
46 in
(99 cm x 117 cm)
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I can imagine the insistent pull within a migrating animal to return to its place of origin. I have felt similar longings. Having lived my early childhood in a row house section of Baltimore, I experienced a visceral response to this image of abandoned row houses in a downtown Baltimore neighborhood. Make-believe (my imaginings as a child) and memory (the real events) live side-by-side, overlap, rearrange, and conflate, creating a powerful emotional connection.

Row House Photo © 2014 Alana Semuels, as originally published in The Atlantic, used with permission.
Unbleached muslin, sheer polyester, acrylic paints and mediums, ecofelt
Photo transferred, screen printed, monotyped, painted, resist printed, appliquéd, collaged, machine stitched