American Portraits: Bitter Harvest

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American Portraits: Bitter Harvest
44 in
55 in
(112 cm x 140 cm)
Photo Credit
Larry Berman
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The food we eat each day begins with the growing and harvesting of crops, or the careful tending of livestock— work traditionally done by independent family farmers. Across the globe, the patchwork of men, women, and children who have worked the land for generations is disappearing. Faced with economic hardship, long hours, and corporate competition, hundreds of farmers leave their land each week.

This piece is a tribute to the strength and tenacity of independent farmers, both historically and today, as they struggle to survive. Based on 1930s images from the Dust Bowl era (courtesy Library of Congress), their patience, determination, and perseverance is my inspiration. They quite literally bring the food to the table, and in doing so, create true cause for celebration.
Cotton, dyes, photographs, silkscreen materials, textile inks, image transfer materials
Hand dyed, silk screened, fused, image transferred, machine pieced, machine quilted