Pam Jenner

Regional Representative
Newhall, CA

I have been sewing since I was a child. I went to FIDM of Los Angeles when there was a San Fernando location. I was born in California and have stayed here. My work has evolved into pieces with symbolism. These symbols are to tell a story of who or what it is for. I have made many banners for my church that bring forward the message with art and words. I have made pieces for individuals using symbols to bring out points of love that they bring out into the world. 

Some years ago, I put my art in some shows. I haven’t shown my art in many years. Road to California and Pacific International are a couple of them.

I have been the deacon moderator for my church for four years, ending Feb. 2021. I have been in my church leadership many times in other positions.  

What Ya Doing?

What Ya Doing?
20.5” X 14.5” 

Pam Jenner