SAQA Volunteer Recognition - Education Committee

The Education Committee provides panel discussions, webinars, and seminars to SAQA members. The committee encourages mentorship at all levels and promotes the setup of special interest groups for our members. This year, SAQA has more mentors/mentees than ever before (52 Mentees and 35 Mentors). This is a remarkable achievement and is well organized.

The educational events of this year (Artistic Voice, for example) were well attended and very positive. The Tool Talk Seminar was a group effort. It required many hours of volunteer time. Member attendees enjoy the outcome of these efforts. The Education Committee supports and encourages Special Interest Groups. They are running well and are well attended.

The members of this committee enjoy pulling together talented artists to share their knowledge with others. Former Committee Chair Kathryn Davy identified how the Education Committee brings together diverse groups online and allows SAQA members to meet that would not otherwise have met. She and the committee enjoy encouraging others to form successful artistic relationships.  The coming year is filled with possibilities. The committee continues to bring inspiration and ideas to the SAQA membership.

Thank you to the Education Committee volunteers!