Congratulations to the artists selected for Textile Expressionism!

Now available!

Congratulations to the 34 artists selected by curator Teresita Leal for the SAQA Virtual Gallery Textile Expressionism. Now available for viewing online, this exhibition invited artists to freely express their feelings, both positive and negative, through textiles.


Selected Artists:

Anne Bellas (France) - Cathédrale incendiée (Cathedral ablaze)
Helen  Blumen (Maryland, USA) - No Words
Samantha Boot (United Kingdom) - Remember, we were safe there
Kathie Briggs (North Carolina, USA) - Portal #1:  Transition
Tamara Buck (Utah, USA) - Except December
Jette Clover (Belgium) - Yellow Wall 2
Jennifer Coghill (Canada) - Awakening
Maryte Collard (Lithuania) - Water in Tenerife
Andrea Finch (Pennsylvania, USA) - Lost Threads
Alisa Golden (California, USA) - Would He Hide Me
Christine Hager-Braun (North Carolina, USA) - Finding Balance
Alexandra Kingswell (United Kingdom) - Joy to the World
Melisse Laing (Washington, USA) - Racial Tensions
Eunhee Lee (Republic of Korea) - X , O
Eleanor Levie (Pennsylvania, USA) - Maelstrom
Viviana Lombrozo (California, USA) - Please Save My Children
Niraja C Lorenz (Oregon, USA) - Green Catastrophe
Regina Marzlin (Canada) - Singled Out
Susie Mcatee Monday (Texas, USA) - This City Never Sleeps
Alicia Merrett (United Kingdom) - Colour Symphony in Five Movements
Lena Meszaros (France) - True Haven
Frauke Palmer (Ohio, USA) - Hawaiian Punch
Claire Passmore (Mauritius) - Für Die Kinder
Karen Ponischil (North Carolina, USA) - Invisible
Wen Redmond (New Hampshire, USA) - What If
Susan Rienzo (Florida, USA) - Sunshine Diaries
Alison Schwabe (Uruguay) - So Many Coffins - Pandemic Pattern #5
Susan Selby (Canada) - Cabin Fever
Norma Slabbert (New Zealand) - Scarred
Sarah Ann Smith (Maine, USA) - Words -->  Power -->  Action
Ileana Soto (California, USA) - Silk Road
Tiziana Tateo (Italy) - La Pudeur
Lenny van Eijk (New Jersey, USA) - Perseverance
Prue Wheal (Australia) - No one wins a war