Congratulations to the artists selected for Body Language

Virtual Gallery will be available April 3

Congratulations to the 27 artists selected by curator Fuzzy Mall for the SAQA Virtual Gallery Body Language. This  exhibition illustrates how communication can be accomplished without speaking. Selected pieces can be viewed online on April 3.

Selected Artists:

Margaret Abramshe (Utah, USA) - Dreamer
Linda Anderson (Oregon, USA) - force of Nature
Anat D. Artman (Israel) - Millais preppers coffee for Mariana  
Terry Aske (British Columbia, Canada) - Gone Sailing
Geneviève Attinger (France) - Les Liens Profonds
Shannon Conley (Oklahoma, USA) - 4th of July, 2015
Phyllis Cullen (Hawaii, USA) - Warrior Tradition: Hula Kane
Lynn Czaban (Oregon, USA) - The Memories That Remain
Adriane Dedic (California, USA) - Eve In The Garden Of Persimmons In Winter
Maggie Dillon (Florida, USA) - Uncles Playing Marbles
Ann Houle (California, USA) - Gymnast Pyramid
Ellen Lindner (Florida, USA) - Caring
Kathleen McCabe (California, USA) - Mothers and Daughters
Lea McComas (Colorado, USA) - Busy Signal
Aynex Mercado (Maryland, USA) - Awakening Jane
Dana Danuta Owczarek (Poland) - My linen
Tina Sommer Paaske (Denmark) - Loneliness
Sharon Margaret Peoples (ACT, Australia) - The Red Gardener
Amanda Preston Araujo (Colorado, USA) - Amanda
Cindy Ellen Richard (Israel) - Sole Mates
Susan M. Robinson (Florida, USA) - Sisters
Carolyn I. Skei (Texas, USA) - Texas Boy with Fish
Mary Jane Sneyd (New Zealand) - The Lord of Birds
Martha Ann Turner (Nebraska, USA) - Should I?
Maggie Vanderweit (Ontario, Canada) - Life is Beautiful
Brandon Wulff (Ontario, Canada) - The Wandering Eye
Krista Zeghers (Manitoba, Canada) - Colourful Delight