Congratulations to the artists selected for Abstraction: Textural Elements

Congratulations to the 47 artists selected for SAQA Global Exhibition Abstraction: Textural Elements by jurors Sue Hotchkis, Claire Passmore, and Dr. Kristine Scherer. This exhibition will premiere in September 2024 at the Max Berk Textile Collection, Palatinate Museum, Heidelberg, Germany.

Selected Artists:

Nancy Bardach (California, USA) - Incurvate 2
Thelma V. Bearden (Tennessee, USA) - Crossroads and Potholes
Victoria Carley (Ontario, Canada) - The Sirens
Shin-hee Chin (Kansas, USA) - Morning Light
Maryte Collard (Lithuania) - Color Play
Linda Colsh (Maryland, USA) - Gesture
Shannon Conley (Oklahoma, USA) - Only You
Carla Ingrid Corbin (Indiana, USA) - Tree Traces
Fenella Davies (United Kingdom) - Sea Fret
Sue  Dennis (Queensland, Australia) - Mediterraneo- Santorini
Joan M. Diamond (New Jersey, USA) - Covid.2 & Covid.3
Lucy Engels (United Kingdom) - Just Because
Petra Fallaux (Pennsylvania, USA) - Turbulent Times (diptych)
Carol M. Fisher (California, USA) - Road To Somewhere
Lisa Flowers Ross (Idaho, USA) - Leaf Stack #14
Helen Geglio (Indiana, USA) - Ordinary Oracle: Glimpses
Jean H. Howard (Missouri, USA) - Botanicals 10
Annie Hudnut (Colorado, USA) - Fulcrum
Mattea Jurin (Italy) - Newspaper Confession
Kathie R. Kerler (Oregon, USA) - Terra I
Toni Kersey (Pennsylvania, USA) - Call and Response - Dakar
Judy Kirpich (Maryland, USA) - Indigo Composition No. 17
Heidi Koenig (Switzerland) - Colorfield Meander
Judy Langille (New Jersey, USA) - Structures III
Mary-Ellen  Latino (California, USA) - Line Study
Sandra E. Lauterbach (California, USA) - Jazz
Paola Machetta (Italy) - Open air
Lena Meszaros (France) - A Slice of Sun
Denise Oyama Miller (California, USA) - Summer Impressions
Maggie Miller (Wisconsin, USA) - Zeitgeist: Summer 2023
Laurie Paquin (Ontario, Canada) - Composition 1
Sarah J. Pavlik (Delaware, USA) - A Little Magic
Jane Quimby (New Hampshire, USA) - Blue/Orange Angles
Wen Redmond (New Hampshire, USA) - Knocking on Heaven’s Gate
Julie Lisa Reuben (Massachusetts, USA) - Iridescence
Cheryl Rezendes (Massachusetts, USA) - Movement Disorder
Nancy Ryan (Nevada, USA) - Water
Lynne Seaman (United Kingdom) - Seeking Simplicity: Threads 4
Jan Soules (California, USA) - Stepping Stones #3: Rockslide
Joan Sowada (Wyoming, USA) - Home
Kelly Spell (Tennessee, USA) - Felicitous Pickle
Jean Sredl (Wisconsin, USA) - A Time in Stitch
Rebecca Szetela (Massachusetts, USA) - Worlds within Worlds
Jan McBrien Tetzlaff (Oregon, USA) - Rooflines
Lenny van Eijk (New Jersey, USA) - Summer Journey #2
Isabelle Wiessler (Germany) - Rocking and rolling
Hope Wilmarth (Texas, USA) - Whirlwind