What is the SAQA Shipping Policy?

Most exhibits require that work be able to be rolled, folded, collapsed or otherwise able to travel between venues in one of SAQA’s traveling crates along with the other works in the exhibit. SAQA asks that artists engineer their piece(s) to break down or fold so they can fit into the space allotted. Note that this does not apply for SAQA calls which allow for 3D pieces.

When artwork does not fit in a SAQA’s shipping crate SAQA may require that the artist provide a suitable container for shipping the work from venue to venue. The artist may be asked to pay a portion of the additional shipping fees. If a work is selected by the juror, SAQA will work with the artist to determine the amount of the artist’s liability and the artist’s liability will be limited to the agreed amount.

For questions regarding the shipping policy, please contact William Reker at exhibitions@saqa.com