Unit 2: Surface Design Activity (SAQA Seminar 2022)

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Get your camera ready!

Activity Part 1: Collage--three steps, three results

Step 1: 

  • Use fabric, painted paper, cut-out magazine photos or all of these
  • Gather a spectrum of colors and shapes (any size) you like
  • Organize them into a design (any size) that interests you or has a subject you are thinking about
  • Commit yourself and assemble them, piecing or collaging on paper or cloth
  • Take a photo of this work in progress

Step 2:

  • Add thread, paint, dye, more collage, etc. to enhance the design.
  • Take another photo

Step 3:

  • Paint or draw or stitch over the pieces and threads so it looks very different from what you already have
  • Take another photo


Activity Part 2: Learn from what you have done

Step 1: Look at your photos from Part 1

Step 2: Ask yourself:

  • What did you discover from your original block in Activity 1?
  • How did you change your work based on what you saw?
  • Did you change the composition with thread, paint, or another medium?
  • Did you like the second version of your piece better than the first?
  • Which one best creates the idea you had in mind?

Step 3: Based on your three ending photos, start again with similar materials, repeating all three steps above, keeping in mind what you discovered. What did you learn?


Please post comments and the results of the activities on the SAQA Seminar Facebook Group or via our SAQA Seminar Submission Form.