The World in 2021: A Window of Opportunity?

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The World in 2021: A Window of Opportunity?

Mary-Ellen Latino

10 in
7 in
Nipomo, California USA
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This abstract piece was created through the concept of Techspressionism: "an artistic approach in which technology is used as a means to express emotional experience." (Colin Goldberg)
This is a 21st century artistic and social movement that I am affiliated with. "Each age finds its own technique." (Jackson Pollack)
Through color, texture and movement I hope to engage the viewer to contemplate the World in 2021 after experiencing the trauma and uncertainty during the Pandemic. Perhaps a window of opportunity?
Cotton, dye, felt, fusible, thread, beads
Digitally manipulated, scanned, shibori stitched, dyed, printed, hand stitched, embellished, zig zag stitched