Untitled (part of the [in]visibility series)

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Untitled (part of the [in]visibility series)

Cynthia Busic-Snyder

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Morrisville, New York USA
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This is a small preview of my ongoing [in]visibility series that depicts barriers to seeing and being seen, manifesting my belief that we spend a lot of our lives looking without actually seeing.

Colorful and sometimes autobiographical compositions include the repetition of visible and tangible barriers such as windows and doors, as well as a path (representing the journey), and an "all-seeing" eye. I encourage viewers to thoughtfully explore their own [in]visibility through the combination of monoprints, silkscreen, and digital prints on hand-dyed fabric.
Cotton, acrylics, abstract monoprints, colored pencils, batting
Hand dyed, pieced, quilted