Smoke Everywhere: AQI 451

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Smoke Everywhere: AQI 451

Emily Hopkins

10 in
7 in
Walnut Creek, California USA
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This scene is from mid-morning in San Francisco, September 2020, when it was so dark the streetlights stayed on until noon. The AQI (Air Quality Index) at my home was over 188 from PM 2.5; unhealthy to breathe for everyone. California wildfires destroy hundreds of thousands of acres more each year, including magnificent redwoods that have withstood centuries of natural fire. Climate change is making fires more destructive. The air becomes dangerous to breathe, even miles away.

The challenge for me in making this piece was fitting a composition into the required size and format. I had made two others on this subject in larger sizes, but this smallest one was the most difficult.
Natural and synthetic commercial printed fabrics
Raw-edge fused appliqué, semi-free motion machine stitched