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Heidi Zielinski

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Stevensville, Montana USA
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For the past couple years I have been using my ice/snow dyed fabrics to create much of my work and incorporating my organic style of free motion stitching, hand embroidery, and beading. My work always reflects my respect and admiration for the natural world which is highly influenced by the landscape where I live in western Montana. The flowers and birds in my yard and in the forests around our valley inspire me every day to create art. I try to make work that is intricately detailed but still has an overall sense of the calm beauty of nature. In a meadow there is truly much activity and business going on amongst the plants and animals, and yet when the human eye looks over it we find solace and peacefulness. I hope to convey that dichotomy in my art.
Cotton, canvas, thread, embroidery floss, beads
Ice dyed, free motion quilted, satin stitched, hand embroidered, beaded