Textile Talks: Gastronomy

Conversations with the Artists

This Textile Talk features an hour of art and conversation with three artists from our SAQA Global Exhibition: Gastronomy. Martha Sielman hosts artist talks with exhibiting artists from SAQA Global Exhibition Gastronomy! Lisa Walton, Jeannie Palmer Moore, and Diana Fox will give us an insight into their work, process, and inspiration. Artist talks will include the artwork from Gastronomy, from limoncello to the “incredible edible egg.”

About the Artists

Lisa Walton has been creating textile art for over 25 years. She is a teacher, author, mentor, and artist. Her passion for hand dyed & printed fabrics influence her work. She is a member of Cloth in Common International group - www.clothincommon.com and a past President of Studio Art Quilts Associates - SAQA.

"I can’t remember when I wasn’t creating something with my hands. I am constantly reinventing my processes of working with fabric. I love texture and stitching and dyeing my own fabric for my quilts."

Diana Fox graduated from Regis University and worked in a government setting for the majority of her career. She began quilting in 1983 in a traditional format, transitioned to art quilts in 2007, and has never looked back. Her work has moved from a flat art quilt into the sculptural realm, removing negative space and engaging the area in and around each piece. Diana is passionately committed to environmental sustainability, animal welfare, and food security.