Submit your idea for a SAQA Global Exhibition!

What's Next?  Art is constantly evolving.  Imagine a SAQA Global Exhibition that will be innovative and engaging.  Share your vision with us!

The SAQA Exhibitions Committee is asking members to submit themes we can consider for future SAQA Global Exhibitions.

The Guidelines

  • All SAQA Global Exhibitions are governed by our Exhibition policies
  • Ideas must be original. Ideas cannot be derivative of or related to any personal business venture such as books or workshops.  
  • Ideas may be considered for exhibitions to debut at International Quilt Festival Houston and other opportunities as they arise. 
  • Ideas may be amended/edited to accommodate the needs of SAQA and a potential venue.  Themes will be kept by the Exhibitions Committee for use if/when they might be appropriate for a venue. However, there is no guarantee that an idea will be used.
  • Only ideas submitted via the below form will be considered (please do not email ideas).

As a thank you, we will recognize the member(s) whose idea becomes the basis for a Global Exhibition in the print catalog and also with the online presentation of the exhibition on the SAQA website.

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