Writing About Art

An important part of being an exhibiting artist is writing professional artist statements and communicating about your art using language.


by Robert Shaw

As a curator and a writer, artist statements are one of my pet peeves. In a word, I hate them. Why? Because far too many do not add anything to my understanding or appreciation of the work I am viewing...

by Allison Reker (SAQA Journal)
In this SAQA Journal article, Allison Reker notes: A strong statement will make your piece memorable long after the viewer has walked away from your artwork or turned the page in the exhibition catalog.
By Jude Larzelere

Recently I exhibited in a solo show at the Newport Art Museum. In an adjoining gallery there was a solo show of a woman painter. Next to each of my quilts there was an “artist’s statement” about the meaning and...

by Quinn McDonald (SAQA Journal)
Learn more about selecting the appropriate word in this SAQA Journal article by Quinn McDonald who says "Words shape our thoughts into reality, but words are tricky. Word choice and word order are the main culprits that can slide us quite unexpectedly into awkward moments."
by Sarah Entsminger (SAQA Journal)
In this SAQA Journal article, Sarah Entsminger clarifies the difference types of artist statements. She notes: An artist statement is a necessary part of sharing your work with others. A captivating narrative sells you and your work to jurors, gallery owners, and people who visit your website.
Educational Video
An artist statement is a way to communicate with viewers so they understand why you make your art. Learn more from teacher and author Vicki Amorose who has helped many artists feel more comfortable expressing themselves in words.