Regional Rep Overview

Regional representatives are the backbone of the organization, working to bring SAQA information and opportunities to their areas with regional exhibits, meetings, activities, and regional communication.

The regional representatives are critical to SAQA’s success. Regional representatives should be friendly, organized, and welcoming to all members, especially to new ones; they are asked to serve for a minimum of two years. As regional representative, your job is to be a facilitator in your region. You cannot do all this alone, so encourage members to volunteer their talents and consider serving with a Co-representative.


There are many benefits to being a regional representative, both concrete and intangible

  • 50% discount for SAQA-only conferences
  • Representatives’ meeting at each conference
  • The support of an international organization
  • The opportunity to network on an international level
  • The opportunity to work with representatives from all regions and share information with them
  • Access to many SAQA resources such as regular representative conference calls, the SAQA Regional Rep Facebook Group, and representatives’ meetings at SAQA conferences
  • The opportunity to influence local discussions on art and craft, professionalism, and industry issues


Job Description

Your job is to help promote the mission and goals of SAQA in your region. To facilitate this, you are required to:


Complete the reps training program

Read (and respond to) communications from the regional rep coordinator

Be a resource of SAQA information for your regional members by being familiar with the website, staying up to date by reading SAQA communications



Share questions, concerns, ideas, and suggestions with the regional rep coordinator. Keep regional rep coordinator posted on regional events, exhibitions, etc.


Send a personal greeting and welcome to new regional members and contact lapsing members. Promote regular communication through a regional newsletter, blog, Facebook page, as appropriate.


Recruit membership by distribution of brochures and promotional materials at local meetings, conferences, guilds, etc.


Encourage the formation of local groups (Local Connections; also called POD’s, Circle, Parlor, or Salon meetings by some regions) if it fits the region.

Encourage regional exhibitions (any member may curate a regional exhibition).

Organize at least one regional meeting per year, if possible. Use SAQA’s Zoom account for online meetings, if appropriate.


Maintain oversight of any regional funds and maintain and document a balanced budget.

Follow established SAQA policies and guidelines or speak with the regional rep coordinator about possible options or exceptions.


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