Regional Grant Program

The Regional Grant program has been developed to offer support and funding for special projects to benefit SAQA regions. Regional teams are encouraged to create projects that raise the profile of our art, bring public attention and support, and benefit members of their region(s).

If you have any questions about the Grant program, please contact the Regional Grant Coordinator,



Any member of SAQA with a great idea is encouraged to approach their regional representative with a proposal. A team of regional members can then complete the application form. Regional representatives are free to partner with representatives of other regions to plan an event or other project.


Description of Award

A total amount of $7,000 is available for regional grants in a calendar year, for all regions. There is no minimum grant amount so there could be several small grants awarded to different regions.

Examples of projects include but are not limited to:

  • Catalog or other major expense such as a guest speaker for a SAQA regional exhibition.
  • Regional retreat or conference
  • Invitational speaker or workshop presenter


Selection Criteria

Grants will be assessed based on:

  • Viability – is the project likely to succeed within the constraints of the grant? Does the intended scope fit within the budget?
  • Impact – how many SAQA members are likely to benefit from the project? Does this project expose SAQA to the general public?
  • Quality of the project and how well it is presented to the panel.
  • Time frame.
  • Local support for the project (e.g., volunteers may be needed, and matching fund might be available).


Selection Process

Assessment and selection are to be considered by a four or five-member panel using the criteria above. The selection panel will consist of the Assistant Director, the Regional Representatives Coordinator, and two to three former SAQA Regional Representatives.

Preference is given to projects that benefit SAQA members and expose SAQA and art quilts to the public. In the case of exhibitions, preference will be given to SAQA regional exhibitions that have been formally approved by the Exhibition Committee.

Project managers will submit invoices and receipts for expenses via the online accountng form for reimbursement of funds up to the amount awarded for their project. Questions can be directed to

Project managers will be required to submit regular status reports to the Regional Grant Coordinator. 


2022 Regional Grant Deadlines

Applications Due: Feb. 18 – Committee Review March 7
Applications Due: July 15 – Committee Review Aug. 8
Applications Due: Oct. 21 – Committee Review Nov. 7

Download Grant Application (doc)


Please email your completed application to:
Regional Grant Coordinator, and copy the Rep Coordinator, .

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