SAQA Journal 2024 Vol. 34 No. 1

SAQA Journal 2024 Vol. 34 No. 1

The first SAQA Journal issue of 2024 looks at creating from many different perspective. Featured artist Blair Treuer--whose work appears on the cover--creates art that encompasses her husband's and children's Native American culture, the Ojibwe Tribal Community in northern Minnesota.

Kestrel Michaud writes about tips to create lifelike reflections in your work, as well as the finer points of vector and raster digital art. Lilo Bowman concludes her From Chaos to Creativity series by giving tips on how to you adapt your studio to your changing needs. Our Inspired artist, Pat Gould, walks us through the steps she took to translate an otherworldly rock formation in New Mexico into a stunning art quilt, A Question of Balance.

Then there is a lively survey of teachers and students who voice their opinions on online versus in-person workshops. The winner? Both formats, but for different reasons. Patty Kennedy-Zafred brings the StitchPunk exhibition to life through an in-depth look at this collection of fanciful works. And don't miss Blue Review, this issue's theme for our Member Gallery!

Cover image by Blair Treuer

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