SAQA Journal 2022 Vol. 32 No. 1

SAQA Journal 2022 Vol. 32 No. 1

Galleries are coming back to life—and the new issue of SAQA Journal celebrates that fact with a focus on exhibitions.  Susan Allred’s Hold Over Flow was a one-person show in Phoenix, Arizona, that featured her three-dimensional works—but its backstory offers a primer on how to market a solo exhibition. Phyllis Cullen and Cindy Richard were the driving force behind Quilted Portraits and More, an international collection of textile portraits currently on tour with Mancuso Show Management.

Our Inspired column features a two-sided work by Kathy York, one of twelve such pieces she made for a solo exhibition at the 2021 International Quilt Festival/Houston. Also in this issue, meet featured artist Susan Avishai—who has considerable gallery experience—and read SAQA members’s favorite exhibition experiences. Plus, learn how to get started in e-commerce with a pair of insightful stories by Kestrel Michaud.

Cover Art - Seeing Through to the Light (Bobbi Baugh)

Editor's Notes - Exhibitions are back! Be it ever so humble, there's no place like a gallery (Diane Howell)
Thoughts from the president - SAQA’s diversity goals increase access to member benefits (Deborah Boschert)
Professional Development - First step in online sales is to know what you want to do (Kestrel Michaud)
Featured exhibition - Portrait quilts lively part of Mancuso shows (Phyllis Cullen and Diane Howell)
Professional Development - Print-on-demand companies simplify online selling (Kestrel Michaud)
SAQA Global Exhibitions - Selections from Light the World
Featured artist - Susan Avishai: Serendipity finds earth-friendly artistic path (Cindy Grisdela)
Member Gallery: Here, There & Everywhere
Feature article - Susan Allred pours herself into Hold Over Flow (Linda McCurry)
SAQA News - Treasurer's Report for 2020 
Feature article - SAQA members recall favorite exhibition memories (Diane Howell)
Juried Artist Showcase
SAQA News - 2021 SAQA Donor Thank You
Column - Inspired: By connection (N.K. Quan)

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