That is what we do as artists: transform. We start with simple materials -- as fiber artists that means cloth, thread, batting, paint, dye and more -- and we transform the materials into artful stories, images and messages. Art then transforms us, with emotional responses, questions, new ways to see the world.

This exhibit of abstract art quilts is about the transformation that takes place when artists look beneath and beyond the images of realism and narrative content to see and expose the bones of what makes a painting or other piece of art “work.” This is art that is about the FORM in transform. These abstract works are about line, shape, composition, movement and pattern, energy and emotion. Perhaps they require a little more from the viewer -- we are not relying upon subject matter to tell a visual story — but nevertheless we are transforming the visions in our minds’ eyes into art work that has impact, inspires emotion or curiosity. We hope our work helps our viewers look beyond an object into that which is non-verbal, a relationship more akin to listening to music than looking at a photograph.


Jazz 3

Susie Monday - Jazz 3


Temple, Texas
Venue Info

Cultural Activities Center
3011 N. 3rd St.
Temple, TX 76501
United States

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