Tiny Pieces, Vast Visions


Tiny Pieces, Vast Visions brings together four extraordinary contemporary quilters (Deb Cashatt, Susan Lapham, Niraja Lorenz, and Irene Roderick) whose work commands a strong visual impact when viewed together. Seen from a distance, they provide vast visions for the viewer. Close up, they reveal astonishing detail, visual information created from tiny pieces of fabric sewn together by machine. This is one of the most fabulous and dynamic attributes of pieced quilts. Tiny pieces sewn together to create powerful stories filled with vast amounts of visual complexity – equally beautiful from afar or examined up close. The quilts are serious about grabbing the viewer’s attention, providing much to examine, and leaving all with a smile.

Deb Cashatt - Kailasa

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San Diego, California
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Visions Museum of Textile Art
2825 Dewey Road, Suite 100
San Diego CA 92106
United States