Textural Dimensions

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Call for Entry Deadline
We invite you to create a piece that engages from a distance to take a closer look and say “WOW, it looks so real” or “It’s like I’m there!

Abrasive, bumpy, cratered, dense, engraved, fluffy, gelatinous, hazy, inset, jagged, knobbed, layered, motion, patterned, perspectives, ragged, scraped, thorny, translucent, velvety, woolly.

Have you ever seen a painting that your mind perceived to look so real that it felt like you could touch it, or that you were there? How did the artist create that illusion? I mean, it is only 2D, but somehow your mind interpreted it as 3D. Why? How? Could it be a line, a shadow, a highlight, or a reflection?

There are endless ways an artist can achieve the illusion of texture and dimension… colour(tint/tone/shade/hue/variety), shadow, shine, batting, wool, thread, fabric, pile, knots, beads, ink, paint, rouching, trapunto, lace inserts, pleating and more.

It is common to create what is familiar…thanks to TFAM we have a wealth of knowledge to learn and share from one another. We want to challenge you to include in your art piece, a technique that you have never tried before…we are very much looking forward to being impressed by your interpretation of TEXTURAL DIMENSION!

  • April 30, 2023 Deadline for Intent to Enter
  • May 31, 2023  -- Entry Deadline
  • Maximum Entries:  two entries per member for one 3D piece plus one 2D piece or two 2D pieces.
  • TFAM will ensure that all accepted artwork pieces will exhibit at each venue/gallery.

 Although this is not a juried art show, the exhibit organizers & TFAM Executive, reserve the right to refuse an art piece when it does not conform to the specified requirements of this show. The artwork will then be returned to the artist.

If you have any questions or concerns about your entry, contact TFAM  tfamartists@gmail.com 

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