Safekeeping: SDA 2023 Juried Member Exhibition

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GOAL: This is a time for safeguarding both body and land, for seeking refuge through ritual and narrative, and for defending precarious boundaries and issues.

Sanctuary Cities, Nature Conservancies, Safe Houses, Communities of Care are at the forefront of public consciousness. As an artist, how do you sustain both the earth and its communities? How do you protect yourself in body and spirit as well as strengthen connections with others? How can you tend values that matter most? How do you use heritage, ritual, and the making process to anchor yourself? Safekeeping brings together works that explore these questions and the role artists play in stewarding communities, values, and the earth.  

All SDA members working in all media are encouraged to apply. Safekeeping will celebrate works that push the evolution of textiles through the use of color, design, processes, and meanings. Works chosen will demonstrate unique, well-developed artistic vision and innovation, and will include the best of contemporary work by SDA members.

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Tulsa, Oklahoma
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