Oh, Mother: Open Call for Art

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Eligibility: National - US Residents

The word MOTHER - as both a verb and a noun - is rich and timeless, yet overdetermined, and even controversial when gendered and rendered exclusive. Mothers and motherhood have been romanticized and glorified since the Venus of Willendorf and have been the subject of representation over the ages in every ethnic, cultural, religious, spiritual, social, and environmental contexts. 

What does the word MOTHER mean to you? As a child of a mother? As a witness to a mother? As a mother, or a person who mothers? As a human being deeply connected to Mother Earth?  As an artist, what images does the notion of motherhood conjure up in you? Are they generous and abundant, filled with nourishment and laughter?  Or are they frail, overwhelming, and. Confusing. Are they filled with a sense of darkness, destruction, or  a void? Hera Gallery looks for works which examine, unravel, deconstruct, and re-write the myths of motherhood. Dedicated to showcasing a broad and diverse range of perspectives, Hera Gallery invites and strongly encourages entries from all genders.

Eligibility: Hera Gallery seeks work in all media, 2D, 3D, and video for this timely, critical exhibition. 3D limited to 100 lbs and must fit through a 5’10” x 6’8” door. 2D must also fit through said door.

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Wakefield, Rhode Island
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