Life in the Mountain West


Life in the Mountain West is an exhibit of art quilts created by mother-daughter pair Vicki and Shannon Conley. Vicki and Shannon are fiber artists from Ruidoso Downs, New Mexico. Their work has a strong sense of place; it is inspired by the outdoors and highlights the vast natural beauty of the mountain west. They strive, through the work featured in this exhibition, to draw attention to the need to protect and conserve native ecosystems both for the well-being of our global environment and for the enjoyment of future generations. This need for conservation can be a challenge in the face of the somewhat paradoxical increased human activity that often accompanies designation as a protected area such as a National Park, as well as the diverse land use needs of our society. This exhibition brings together two artists with divergent styles but common inspirations and themes and is a joyous expression of the beauty and emotion they find in exploring the mountain west.

Reception: August 13, 2021 at 4pm

You can also view the exhibit online

Artworks by Vicki and Shannon Conley

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Tubac, Arizona
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Tubac Center for the Arts
9 Plaza Rd. 
Tubac, AZ 85646
United States

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