A Drop of Emerald Poison (SAQA Regional) - Call for Entry

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Open to all SAQA members (primary and secondary) of Indiana, Ohio, and Michigan regions.

Exhibition Theme

In 1775 the color, Scheel’s Green, was discovered and later in 1814, the much-improved Paris Green was developed. Both pigments were created by chemists and produced a remarkable shade of emerald green by combining chemicals that produced arsenic poison. This vibrant green was extremely popular among the privileged because it symbolized royalty and wealth. Despite the deadly drawbacks, fashions, wallpaper, soaps, paints, and toys were produced in abundance. Factory workers who produced these commodities as well as consumers suffered severe side effects including death. By the end of the 19th century the deadly greens were replaced with less toxic pigments and dyes.

The art quilts produced for “A Drop of Emerald Green” will have just a touch of today’s safe emerald green as a reminder of the tragic history of the color green.

Artists are asked to submit work that will have just a drop of today’s safe emerald green color. Artists may choose any subject and use preferred techniques, but use only a touch of emerald green in their submitted art. We invite the viewer to be drawn into the piece and discover the included drop of emerald.


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