Cheesecloth Imagery on Fabric with Mary Pal


Instructor: Mary Pal

Prepare to be amazed by the remarkable creative potential of humble cheesecloth. Beginning with simple exercises exploring figurative imagery - landscapes, birds, animals, and portraits - you can then create a unique larger piece … or just keep exploring with a series of small works. Master the fundamentals of composition by playing with cheesecloth with an emphasis on value, transparency, and contrast. Discover new ways to include a variety of textures in your fibre art and how to paint background fabrics easily with wax pastels. Focus on black and white for dramatic chiaroscuro or add colour with paint, ink or dye. Learn how to adjust reference photos - or choose from thousands of copyright-free images - on a laptop or tablet using simple programs and apps. Understanding that not everyone is comfortable with technology, the instructor is also happy to prepare your pattern on her laptop with your preferred layout and you can print your pattern on site at the Haliburton Maker Space. Sew as much or as little as you want. Finishing instruction includes machine quilting or just placing works on a stretched canvas. Visual presentations, including the instructor's significant collection of completed cheesecloth pieces, will inspire and demonstrate every step of the process. Along the way we will share eureka moments plus tips and shortcuts for working with fibre.

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Haliburton, Ontario Canada
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Haliburton School of Art & Design
297 College Dr.
Haliburton ON 
Canada K0M 1S0