Backyard Escape


For this exhibit, we asked artists, "What brings you peace in your backyard?" Their responses could be either real or imaginary, urban or rural, micro (e.g., blade of grass) or macro (e.g., expansive view of a lake). We wanted to know what brings them tranquility? The color palette, or the light in the morning or evening. We wanted artists to let their imaginations or their photo collections inspire them to create something beautiful for the hospital setting for patients and their families.

The quilts in this exhibit feature a variety of artwork styles; these styles express peace and tranquility, whether in the very abstract or somewhere on the spectrum of realism.

Tulip Fanfare

Peg Green - Tulip Fanfare

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Harrisonburg, Virginia
Venue Info

Virginia Quilt Museum
301 South Main Street
Harrisonburg, VA 22801
United States

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