Kim Ritter

Juried Artist Member (JAM)

Houston, TX
United States

Artist Statement
This series of artworks was inspired my unique place in history. Born in 1956, and instilled with an awareness of the wild west history of my family in Oklahoma, I grew up on stories about Marshalls, Sheriffs and Native Americans who inhabited the legends and history of my family. Overlaid on my own history was the myths of the Old West in movies and on TV.

Simultaneously, I was witnessing the race to space, the rumors of UFO’s and TV series like Star Trek. we played in a world of jumbled imagery. Super heroes, police, robbers, Native Americans, cowboys, astronauts and aliens might all appear in our make-believe playtime.We used what motley props we could assemble: homemade wooden swords and slingshots, secret decoder rings, ray guns, and x-ray eyeglasses. We wore whatever old clothing our parents would let us use: hats and aprons and old work gloves. A kitchen pot might become a helmet, a witch’s cauldron or a drum. An old towel might become a flying carpet, bandages or a cape!

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