Dinah Sargeant

Juried Artist Member (JAM)

Newhall, CA
United States

Artist Statement
I'm an artist who primarily works in fiber, creating narrative quilts and dolls out of hand-painted fabric. I come to fiber from painting, and my approach is the same as when I painted on canvas.

I begin with spontaneous colors on white fabric. Layers of paint eventually reveal animals, spirit-like creatures, and figures. The process of discovery is something I've learned to trust. And if I take my time, stories unfold. These stories are sparked by events around me, something I've read, or, sometimes, a single word. But they are never planned. The figures show up, and I coax them out with color and lines. They hint at someone or something, just around the corner, or a message. As it all emerges, I gather the imagery and collage it onto a whole painted cloth with machine and hand stitching, then embellish it with embroidery thread, ribbon, and paint.

I continue to enjoy the application and fluidity of paint on fabric and discovering the surprises, and stories, that show up.