Seasonal Palette (SAQA Global Exhibition)

Thirty-seven artists were selected to create art quilts celebrating the seasons. The resulting pieces, all sized at 78” tall and 32” wide, create a unique exhibit that moves us through the seasons using texture, light, color and masterful design.

Artists were asked to keep journals as they created their artwork. These journals were placed on display with the exhibition at each venue. To view these journals, click on See Details under the pieces listed below.

Exhibition Schedule

Premiere at International Quilt Festival - Houston, November 1-4, 2012
Texas Quilt Museum, La Grange, Texas, January 10 - March 31, 2013
International Quilt Festival - Cincinnati, Ohio, April 2013
International Quilt Festival - Long Beach, California, July 2013
National Quilt Museum, Paducah, Kentucky, September 12 - December 2, 2013
The Original Creative Festival at the Sharonville Convention Center, Sharonville (Cincinnati), Ohio, June 12-14,
2014 Festival Internacional de Patchwork e Arts Afins, Curitiba, Brazil, August 27 - 30, 2014
New England Quilt Museum, Lowell, Massachusetts, April 5 – July 26, 2015
J. Wayne Stark Galleries at Texas A&M University - August 6-October 4, 2015
Taiwan International Quilt Exhibition 2016, National Tainan Living Art Center, Tainan City, Taiwan - April 30-May 29, 2016
Gerald R. Ford Museum, Grand Rapids, MI - July 11, 2016 through August 31, 2016

Sponsor Statements

Sponsor statement — Cedar Canyon Textiles

Seasonal changes mark the rhythm of our lives as we move from year to year. Some years fly by, while others linger gently — or stretch for an eternity. While our experience of time may be different from year to year, the march of the seasons provides a dependable, steady, ever-changing backdrop to our lives — a constant reminder of where we are right now.

The Seasonal Palette exhibit is a remarkable collection of textiles created to celebrate the seasons in all their glory. Viewers experience the subtlety of spring, the vibrancy of summer, the intense colors of autumn, and the serenity of winter. The images in the quilts are certain to tug at your heart and bring back memories of a summer day here and an icy winter there, exactly as they should.

Cedar Canyon Textiles is proud to support this beautiful exhibit by Studio Art Quilt Associates. We believe that each and every person is an inherently creative being. Our mission is to nurture that creativity and to encourage people from all walks of life to explore the magic of fabric art.

Enjoy the exhibit, be inspired, and set off on your own creative journey.

—Shelly Stokes
President, Cedar Canyon Textiles, Inc.

Sponsor statement — American Quilter’s Society

The seasonal palettes rendered by these 37 artists representing the SAQA membership take us joyfully into a visual celebration of change and changes.

From grand observation to the inclusion of the tiniest detail, these fiber artists remind us that we are all, at all times, surrounded by and enveloped within a constantly changing state of being via the seasons.

The graphic journal of the ordinary and extraordinary processes used by the artists is an inspired addition to the traditional catalog presentation. These efforts yielded uncompromising results in the realization of each individual artist’s vision of the assigned season that together make up a shared, communal experience.

The catalog’s organization transitions from the beginning of each season through to its culmination. If you flip through the book from front to back you can feel winter’s chill give way to spring’s warmth and then segue into summer’s heat before declining into the cool expectation of a cyclic repeat. How we depend upon the seasons!

And we may always depend upon SAQA to produce a memorable visual feast from among its talented, skilled, and visionary membership. The American Quilter’s Society is proud to sponsor this ongoing celebration of quilts as art and as celebratory works.

—Meredith Schroeder
President, American Quilter’s Society

In the Exhibition
Geri Patterson-Kutras - Autumn
Geri Patterson-Kutras
See Details
Benedicte   Caneill - Autumn Celebration
Benedicte Caneill
See Details
Nancy   Whittington - Autumn in the South
Nancy Whittington
See Details
Daren  P. Redman - Autumn, Brown County, Indiana
Daren Redman
See Details
Susan  K. Willen - Autumn, California
Susan Willen
See Details
Janet   Windsor - Autumn, Sonoma County
Janet Windsor
See Details
Diane   Melms - Behold
Diane Melms
See Details
Kathleen   Loomis - Big Ice
Kathleen Loomis
See Details
Barbara   Confer - Canopy
Barbara Confer
See Details
Chiaki   Dosho - Cherry Blossom 6
Chiaki Dosho
See Details
Susie  L. Apte - Come August, Waterlilies
Susie Apte
See Details
Ruth  A. Powers - December Dawn
Ruth Powers
See Details
Judith Larzelere - Delicate Ambiguity
Judith Larzelere
See Details
Grace J. Errea - Family is Coming
Grace Errea
See Details
Maya   Chaimovich - Fervor
Maya Chaimovich
See Details
Carol  J. Moore - Ice
Carol Moore
See Details
Katherine  K. Allen - Minnow & Leaf
Katherine Allen
See Details
Hsin-Chen  Lin - Recovery
Hsin-Chen Lin
See Details
Jenny Hearn - Reflections of Summer
Jenny Hearn
See Details
Barbara J. Schneider  - Reflections Venice, var.18
Barbara Schneider
See Details
Deidre  Adams - Returning to the Source
Deidre Adams
See Details
Carol Anne   Grotrian - Silent Snow, The Creek Is Singing
Carol Anne Grotrian
See Details
Linda   Colsh - Snow Falls
Linda Colsh
See Details
Marianne  R. Williamson - Sparkling Forest
Marianne R. Williamson
See Details
Melody Randol - Spring Runoff
Melody Randol
See Details
Kathryn Conte - Spring Squared
Kathryn Conte
See Details
Arlé   Sklar-Weinstein - Spring: Born/Reborn
Arle Sklar-Weinstein
See Details
Carol Ann  Waugh - Springtime in the Rockies
Carol Ann Waugh
See Details
Martha  F. Wolfe - Stockholm Winter
Martha Wolfe
See Details
Roslyn  B. DeBoer - Summertime
Roslyn DeBoer
See Details
Jeannie  P. Moore - Tasty Tomatoes
Jeannie Moore
See Details
Sue Reno - The Organic Landscape
Sue Reno
See Details
Elena Stokes - Tranquil Marsh - Wild Iris
Elena Stokes
See Details
Mary Beth  Frezon - Verge
Mary Beth Frezon
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Nancy  G. Cook - Winter Robins' Feast
Nancy Cook
See Details
Jette   Clover - Winter Tale
Jette Clover
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Laura   Wasilowski - Young Forest #5
Laura Wasilowski
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