A Year in the Forest

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A Year in the Forest
40 in
34.75 in
(102 cm x 88 cm)
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The cycle of the seasons can be compared with the cycle of human life. First, there is birth, then youth, maturity, and finally, rest. I am constantly fascinated by the changing seasons: the rebirth and renewal of life in spring, the exuberant youth of summer, the maturing harvest of autumn, and finally the hibernation and rest that is winter. Nature’s cycle repeats each year—the ebb and flow of the seasons gives a reassuring continuity.

Trees show their individuality and personality through leaves, much as clothes define their wearers. Some are quietly unassuming, even shy; others boldly produce blossoms and brightly colored leaves. They all contribute to the rich tapestry of the forest.

The Japanese Kanji characters, from top to bottom, are haru (Spring), natsu (Summer), aki (Autumn), and huyu (Winter). My own personal chops are in red below the Kanji characters.
Cotton, calligraphy pen and ink, fusible web
Stitched, fused, hand dyed