We Don't Smoke

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We Don't Smoke
30 in
24 in
(76 cm x 61 cm)
Photo Credit
David R. Wright
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This was my first art quilt. One of the mid-1990's public conversations dominating the news was the impact that Big Tobacco had on our nation. At risk were the younger generations that were pummeled with up-beat cigarette advertising. We owed our country a better future. Action was finally taken in 1998 when tobacco marketing practices were ceased and payments made to states to compensate for the medical costs related to smoking-related illnesses.

It was at this point in my quilting life that I saw the potential of the art in making a statement. Producing totally original designs and narratives. I left being 'judged' with the thread schnibbles on the floor.
Commercial cottons, mono-prints on cotton
Pieced, raw-edged machine applique, acrylic mono-printed, machine stitched