The View from a Different Kind of Room

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The View from a Different Kind of Room
24 in
32 in
(61 cm x 81 cm)
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Open sourced
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I think it is fair to say, I am a woman of the water. I hold a 50 ton USCG Captains License and have spend a fair amount of my life on, below and in the water. This call for entry intrigued me. So after some research I settled on a Nautical interpretation of the word "Aloft". I have always been the one to search for the spot on a vessel that is the most quiet and a bit extreme. The spot interpreted in this piece has eluded me, as the most of the vessels I have driven are not sail powered. This subject matter has afforded me the opportunity to live vicariously with my Art. I can only imagine the thrill of occupying this perch at anchor or underway.
Cotton, commercial fabric, hand dyed fabric, fabric paint, embellishments
Raw edge appliquéd, manipulated, fabric painted, embroidered

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