Two Grandfathers

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Two Grandfathers
38 in
53 in
(97 cm x 135 cm)
Photo Credit
Peter Shefler
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This was a decade that produced, as far as I can recall, just this one quilt. In 1999, returning to work full time, and raising a family, there was no room for art making. Prior to packing up my studio equipment and supplies, there was one piece still remaining to be made. My fabric dyeing skills had just started to improve, as did my familiarity with the Gocco printer. My son is the grandchild of American and Italian World War II veterans. It was always my desire to construct something that reminded him of this heritage, and Two Grandfathers was the result. Two Grandfathers was exhibited and published, and for me, at that time, my farewell to the world of art quilting.
Cotton fabric, procion dyes, organza, image transfer materials, Gocco printer, machine pieced and quilted.
Hand dyeing, printing, various image transfer techniques, applique, machine pieced and quilted.