Todos Juntos (Always Together)

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Todos Juntos (Always Together)
18 in
14 in
4 in
(46 cm x 36 cm x 10 cm)
Photo Credit
Ken Sanville
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I spend many summers, vacations, and after high school years in Mexico where my parents had a fishing camp. I became entrenched in the folk arts and culture, especially in the costuming, huipils, Day of the Dead imagery and stories. Color, flowers, and the abundance of street art and music followed me throughout my life. This "retablo" is a work dedicated to those anonomyous women who spend their life making beautiful embroidery and to their joy. It is also a celebration of my long and productive marriage.Without my husband's support, my art would not be possible.
Found objects, embroidery threads, felt, tape, foamcore, ethnic fabrics.
Machine embroidered, pieced, glued, taped.