Titus Canyon

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Titus Canyon
131.5 in
118 in
(334 cm x 300 cm)
Photo Credit
Sharon Risedorph
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(Collection of the International Quilt Museum)

Titus Canyon was a commission for a residence in New York City. It was to hang between two floors and to be seen from both levels and also from the staircase as one walked up and down. The owners had seen another piece of my work at the American Craft Museum (a traveling Quilt National show) and got in touch. The name Titus Canyon is from a vast canyon in Death Valley, CA. At this time, I was interested in creating three dimensional space, somewhat like a landscape made of abstract shapes and forms that had a lot of depth.
100% cotton printcloth, hand dyed with procion dyes. Hand quilted with a variety of colored cotton thread, and hand painted with acrylic fiber paint.
I always start with sketching up ideas in a sketch book and finish with a very clear line drawing. I tape freezer paper together that will be the finished size of the piece, in this case, 132 x 120 inches, and this becomes my large pattern. The drawing is transfered by hand onto the freezer paper and then I start cutting out shapes as they are the pattern pieces. I sew areas together in sections and pin them up on the wall. Some areas may be appliqued, and others pieced. I feel there is no shape or form that cannot be made with applique and piecing and maybe a little paint.