Texas Wild Rice

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Texas Wild Rice
34 in
43 in
(86 cm x 109 cm)
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I have always been drawn to serendipitous discoveries in nature and try to replicate their beauty in my art. Texas Wild Rice focuses on this graceful yet fragile plant that only survives in a 2-mile stretch of the San Marcos River in Hays County, Texas. Its long leaves float under water while its stems rise above when its rice blooms.

In this quilt, ribbons form the floating leaves. Green couched stems with copper rice rise above the river against a black sky, foretelling its fate if interventions are not taken. Cordoning off the area where it grows and educating the public are steps that could help preserve the species.
Cotton, wool, nylon, copper
Machine pieced, quilted, couched, hand sewn, hand cut, polished