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74 in
74 in
(188 cm x 188 cm)
Photo Credit
Chris Arend
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Synergy is one of a group of artworks I created which are all based on variations of the bulls-eye motif. In this series of works, I explored many variations and configurations of this dynamic design. With Synergy, I challenged myself to work very large. After stitching up 16 quarter circle units, I photographed it and then on the computer, I cut it up, and restructured it trying many different arrangements. I choose this version which created a secondary grid structure within the bulls-eye design. This restructuring added tension and interest to the composition. For me this altered arrangement of parts represented both continuity and change and created a new kind of Synergy. Synergy was included in Circular Abstractions, a large juried textile exhibition which traveled to many notable venues in the US.
Artist hand-dyed cotton fabric, commercial cotton fabric, polyester batting, and cotton thread.

In this piece shapes were cut free-hand, arranged and rearranged on a design wall, machine pieced, layered with batting and backing, and machine quilted.