Sylvan Ambience #2

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Sylvan Ambience #2
49 in
60 in
(124 cm x 152 cm)
Photo Credit
Nagamitsu Endo
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While walking in the park near my house, I picked up a lot of dry fallen leaves. Tracing the designs of the leaves on the quilting paper, I then quilted with free motion stitching. When the leaves are still on the trees, I never noticed such a variety of beautiful designs of the leaves. Once I found them on the ground, I noticed their interesting designs. I cut flower petals of wild azalea in confetti and placed them under the tulle. It was a joy to add pink color in my quilt for the first time. It was a success. This piece has lots of trees that needed to be embroidered on the edge of the tree trunks for accent and texture.
Cotton, tulle
Small pieces covered with tulle and machine quilted