Sweltering Sky Kimono

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Sweltering Sky Kimono
61 in
52 in
1 in
(155 cm x 132 cm x 3 cm)
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James Dewrance
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Sweltering Sky Kimono is a two sided quilt, shaped like a kimono, designed and conceived as a work for the wall. It was one of the first kimono shaped pieces I ever created, a shape I am fascinated by, to this day. I had a solo exhibition at the Texas Quilt Museum in 2015 (curated by Sandra Sider) that consisted of more than 30 of my kimono shaped art quilts. Titled "Intuitive Symmetry" the show explored the harmony and balance and well as the dynamism of the kimono form when used as a canvas for art.
Silk satin, silk charmeuse and Thai silk. Cotton/poly batting, silk satin lining.
Arashi shibori dyed, over-dyed, discharged, pieced, machine quilted and machine appliqued.